The meaning and symbol of blood draw in dreams

The meaning of blood drawing dreams, blood drawing dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of blood drawing dreams to help you organize below.

Dreaming that the doctor draws blood is a good sign, and the body will be very healthy.

The patient dreamed that the doctor would draw blood from himself, and the body would recover soon.

To dream of drawing blood is a harbinger of bankruptcy or investment failure.

·Dreaming that someone else is drawing blood indicates that you will defeat your competitors.

Dreaming of getting blood drawn may be because you may have recently lost something that you think is important, such as health and spirit. This should be combined with your own actual situation.

Case analysis of dreaming about blood draw

Dream description: I had a very strange dream last night. The emotions in the dream were panic and scared. I dreamed that I was hypnotized by a strange man. I was lying on the bed and he was sitting next to me, unable to see him clearly. The face is scared because of a stranger. He kept saying to me in his ear: “For your grandma” he kept repeating this sentence. And I replied groggyly under his hypnosis: “Master, master” Later, I didn’t know why, I turned my eyes to my hands and found that strange man said to me: “For you “Grandma”, while talking, squeezed the blood from my finger into a closed glass container. I saw that the blood in the container was almost half, and the blood was not the kind of normal blood. It seemed to contain other liquids, blood. The color was a little light, and I was very scared, not knowing why he squeezed my blood. Just like this, I was awakened by the fear.

Some time ago, my grandma fell on her hand. Grandma is 93 years old. He used to live in my second uncle’s house, which is a bit handicapped. After being discharged from the hospital, the four uncles insisted on taking my grandma to his house. Reasonable request, the idea of ​​playing grandma all the time, I am quite uncomfortable with these things in my heart. Grandma is used to staying in the countryside. He is not used to staying in my house in the city. My parents can’t help but they are very filial. Grandma stayed with my family, but after moving to the city, she left when she was not used to it.

I also have a long-distance boyfriend. He is also busy with his studies. We have a good relationship, other people are very good, always willing to help others, and he has a good relationship with the opposite sex. Although the two places are separated, I know him quite well. Sometimes he just joked that he was my master.

I have to go to work in a while. (Female, 24 years old, unmarried)

Dream analysis: The strange man is your master again, talking for your grandma. These understandings of human nature, fused with emotion and control, belong to the part of human nature that makes you feel strange and scared. In reality, they may see their humanity using family affection to control their relatives and seek benefits. It feels incomprehensible and uneasy. As a result, this dark-hued dream is produced. Put your blood, blood also represents family affection, so-called blood is thicker than water, or blood is connected. There are other things in the blood in the dream, indicating that the feelings are impure. Fingers, ten fingers connected to the heart, represent emotions and relationships, while hypnosis represents the influence of some ideas in dreams, imperceptibly, but bad content.