A case study of dreaming about whale watering

Dreaming of whales squirting water, especially young people doing this dream, indicates that you will have a pleasant and magical trip; if the water column is high, it means that your travel time is longer; if the water column is short, it means It was a short trip. On this trip, you will also meet useful friends. The pleasure of travel depends on your choice of destination and your mood.

Dreaming of a whale splashing water, indicating that there will be new love. You and her matchmaker are a book, maybe the place where the two first met, not the library or the bookstore.

Dreaming about whales squirting water, if you are looking forward to your love, huh, huh, don’t worry, the aura of love will soon fall on your head. When you go to the library, the cinema, or the restaurant, it may be the place where you first met.

Dreaming about whales squirting water means implying that you should make a trip. Even if you have a few short trips with a few classmates or friends, you will not only be very happy to play, but also grow up, and have the opportunity to make a good chat. new friend.

Dreaming about whales swimming around, it indicates that your work life is smooth and everything goes well.