The meaning and symbol of coughing in dreams

The meaning of cough dreams, cough dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the cough dreams to help you organize below.

To dream that you are troubled by coughing means that your health is not good. As long as you pay attention to your daily life, you may be healthy.

To dream of others coughing means that you are disgusted with the surrounding environment, always in anxiety, and impatient in doing things.

To dream that you are coughing constantly because of illness is a good omen, which means that you are healthy and the disease will not entangle you.

If a woman dreams of coughing and vomiting blood, she will soon become pregnant and have children, and she is more likely to have a girl.

A girl dreams of coughing, she will fall in love with someone but she is afraid of getting married because the one she loves has been emotionally unfaithful.

A young man dreams of coughing, he will marry a slim woman as his wife.

To dream that your wife is ill and coughing is an ominous omen that you will encounter misfortune at home.

A woman dreams that her husband is ill and coughs. The husband will live a long life and achieve a career.

To dream of a friend’s illness indicates that you will lose people’s help when you need it.

Dreaming that the enemy is bedridden and coughing will become a prisoner of the enemy.

To dream of treating someone else for a cough disease will lose money in gambling. To dream of being hungry, cold, severely ill, and going to bad luck.