The meaning and symbol of wearing a hat in dreams

The meaning of wearing a hat dream, wearing a hat dream has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of wearing a hat dream below for you.

The hat is the highest place on a person, and it symbolizes the most important quality of a person-integrity.

Picking off your hat in your dream means that you will betray your faith.

Getting a hat in a dream means good news, and your sweetheart may agree to marry yourself.

If you get a hat in your dream, you may be notified of marriage.

The hat was burnt in the dream, which meant that he would have to pay for his treachery, be bedridden or even die.

People who are accustomed to wearing hats can succeed in buying hats in their dreams.

But people who are not used to wearing hats have hats in their dreams, which means they have no plans in their lives and love to spend money.

Wearing a broken hat in a dream will lead to lack of food and clothing, and may also indicate a subconscious fear of sex.

The man lost his clothes, shoes and hats in his dream, and his wife had a dystocia.

In the dream, the hat and cloak were blown away, and the exam luck increased greatly.

Women wear hats in their dreams, and there are female guests at home.