The meaning and symbol of broken shoes in dreams

The meaning of shoes broken dreams, shoes broken dreams have real effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of shoes broken dreams to help you organize.

Modern mind understands dream science, your shoes represent your original life orientation and sense of direction.

The shoes in the dream also symbolize positions or lovers.

The broken shoe in the dream indicates that there is a problem and it is no longer suitable for you.

It is necessary to update and find a more suitable life goal and support.

This, if you want to change to new shoes in reality, it is a wish, hoping to go from the old to the new.

The shoes were broken in the dream, which means auspiciousness.

Shoes are evil, dreams, you can see the old and broken, but not the new.

Broken shoes in a dream means breaking evil. If you get a new pair of shoes in your dream, you have to be careful.

It said “worn shoes, children, grandchildren and concubines disease”. Only you know if the shoes fit. A broken shoe is not a big deal! The shoe refers to a woman.

It’s not that someone scolds people for “broken shoes”, referring to women with improper styles, prostitutes, who can be worn by others, or worn out! In this dream, they refer to wives and concubines. And the children in the family!