What is the meaning and symbol of being intoxicated in dreams?

The meaning of intoxicated dreams. Intoxicated dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of intoxicated dreams to help you sort out.

Narcissism in your dreams means that your desire for improper pleasure is growing.

Indulging in beautiful music in your dreams shows that you have undergone certain training, and your appreciation of things has improved, and you can essentially understand a problem.

The intoxicated look of someone in your dream means that you are not dealing with things in the right direction, and you are focusing on the irrelevant things and ignoring the important points.

The old man’s intoxication in a certain activity in his dream indicates that your old life is very peaceful, there is nothing that annoys you, and your life is very comfortable.

A case study of intoxicated dreams

Dream description: I never smoke, but I smoke and drink in my dream, and I am very intoxicated. What does this mean?

Dream analysis: Indulging in smoking in a dream indicates that your desire for improper enjoyment is growing. This may be because you are too stressed and eager to relax, just to remind you to find the right way to relax.