What does quarrel mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of quarrel dreams, quarrel dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the quarrel dreams to help you organize.

Dream is a hidden mirror to peek into the heart, and another illusory but true life experience.

The quarrel in the dream is a kind of communication. Both parties speak out their opinions frankly. In the dream, this means that the two parties have resolved their differences and can be honest with each other.

If you quarrel with your wife in your dream, you will be loving, harmonious and happy.

Quarreling with relatives and friends in the dream means being able to get along with them friendly and getting their help at critical moments.

If you quarrel with your boss in your dream, you will be promoted and paid.

Quarreling with subordinates in dreams can properly resolve work problems.

If a woman quarrels with her husband in her dream, she will give birth to a boy.

Fight with the enemy in the dream, everything will go well.

Quarreling with the deceased in the dream will make you stronger and live longer than Nanshan.

If a woman quarrels with her neighbor in her dream, her property will be safe.

When a married woman quarrels with a beggar in her dream, her husband will be impoverished.

The girl talked back to her parents in her dream, and soon she was going to marry a wealthy family.

Friends who are noisy in the dream will lose their help.

The enemy is arguing in the dream, it is auspicious, which means that he can win.

Dreaming of arguing with strangers on the road is a good omen, and friends will invite themselves to parties.

A businessman dreams of quarreling with customers, business will not go well and income will decrease.

The patient quarrels with the doctor in the dream, and the disaster will soon pass, but the patient quarrels with the relatives or medical staff in the dream, and the condition will deteriorate.

The elderly quarrel with their children in dreams, it is auspicious, happy life, prolong life.

The accused person will be released if he quarrels with the judge in his dream.

Tourists quarrel with each other endlessly in their dreams, and the trip will end successfully.