What is the meaning and symbol of nocturnal emission in dreams?

The meaning of the dream of nocturnal emission, the dream of nocturnal emission has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of nocturnal emission to help you sort out below.

Nocturnal emission refers to a disease syndrome that does not cause semen to be leaked due to sex. Among them, those who have spermatorrhea due to dreams are called “dream weirdness”; those who have no dreams and have spermatorrhea, and even when the semen flows out when awake are called “smoothing sperm”. It must be pointed out. For adult unmarried men, or those who live asexually for a long time such as married couples separated after marriage, the occurrence of spermatorrhea 1 to 2 times a month is a physiological phenomenon. If the number of spermatorrhea is too much, more than 2 times a week or when you are awake, it is accompanied by dizziness, listlessness, weakness in the waist and legs, and insomnia.

If you dream of spermatorrhea, your family will be rich.

Causes of spermatorrhea in men’s dreams:
1. Excessive fatigue: Excessive physical or mental work makes the body tired, sleeps deeply, and strengthens the central activity of the cerebral cortex to cause nocturnal emission.
2. Physical factors: lying on your back and falling asleep, the bedding is warm and heavy, stimulating and oppressing the external genitalia, or wearing tights, restraining and squeezing the erect penis, and inducing nocturnal emission.
3. The environmental impact of sexual stimulation: Sexual stimulation shots in pornographic books or movies stimulate the brain and induce nocturnal emission.
4. Psychological factors: Due to the lack of sexual knowledge, excessive concentration on sexual problems, easy acceptance of sexual stimulation, and persistent sexual excitement in the cerebral cortex, which induce nocturnal emission.
5. Essence is overflowing: The testicles of men continue to produce sperm, and the seminal vesicle glands and prostate also produce secretions. When a certain amount is stored in the body, semen is automatically discharged from the urethra.
6. Inflammation stimulation: inflammation of the external genitalia and accessory gonads, such as foreskin balanitis, prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, epididymitis, etc., and nocturnal emission occurs.

Nocturnal emission in a dream is a strong sexual suggestion. You will often change your attitude to different opposite sexes due to personal feelings in your relationship. If you are too sensitive in your relationship, you will be the one who suffers easily.

Single men’s spermatorrhea in dreams, you have a lot of unpleasant things in your relationship, but you have more things hidden in your heart, and communication with others is less and less, which is harmful to your life. Know how to vent unpleasant things in your heart at the right time, otherwise your relationship with others will be easily affected. Those who have this dream will dream of good luck in winter and bad luck in summer.

Married men have this dream because the relationship between you and your lover is not very good. Even if you have a quarrel with your lover, you should improve your relationship as soon as possible, otherwise there will be many unhappy things in life. If a third party intervenes, your relationship with your lover will be worse.

The old man has this dream. The main old man’s physical condition is not very good. You should spend time on maintaining your body. Don’t let your health affect your life.