What is the meaning and symbol of abandonment in the dream?

The meaning of abandoned dreams. Abandoned dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of abandoned dreams below to help you sort out.

When a man abandons the world in his dream, his married life will be happy.

A woman’s abandonment of worldly life in her dream means happiness and prosperity.

An unmarried man breaks away from the world in his dream and will marry a handsome girl as his wife.

The unmarried woman breaks away from the world in her dream, and her marriage will be happy. The prisoner escapes from the world in his dream, and his sentence will be extended.

The patient breaks away from the world in his dream, becomes bedridden and suffers from pain.

The businessman’s dream is free from vulgarity, and the business will be rich.

The habitual offender has escaped from the world in his dream and will soon be arrested.

The king’s dream of breaking away from the world is a bad omen. He will be forced to leave the throne, or the country may riot demand him to step down.

In the dream, the monk has escaped from the world, and will return to the vulgar and reunite with his family.

Case analysis of abandoned dreams

Dream description: I stood alone in an empty room, accompanied by an abandoned child waiting to be fed. I think I must break through a trapped place, and I must also bring this little life that has just been born. I hugged him tightly, groping for the exit of the room in the dark, walking with difficulty and trembling. (Male, 37 years old)

Dream analysis: The darkness in the room deepens the upcoming horror, but this may only be related to your sad mood. No matter what sad things happen, you have brought your emotions to the extreme.

Children are a symbol of life. No matter what you did in your dream, you did not lose the protection of your little life. This also implies your never slacking desire to survive. Even when fear is bound to come, protecting life is also a human survival instinct.

There may be something in life that deeply troubles you, and the sad mood is extremely low in your dreams. Don’t over-enhance the sadness yourself. Over time, you will forget everything, although it cannot be eradicated.