What is the meaning and symbol of being kissed in a dream?

The meaning of being forced to kiss the dream, being forced to kiss the dream has realistic influence and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the forced kiss dream below to help you sort out.

A strong kiss in a dream means that the dreamer desires to be loved.

The unmarried lady being kissed by a man in her dream indicates that she has a longing for sex in her heart, which means she will have a lover soon.

A married lady being forcedly kissed by a man in a dream indicates that the couple may be confused in their sex life. It is best to communicate with the husband at ease and solve problems together, so that life will be more harmonious.

A married lady who was forced to kiss by her former lover in her dream may indicate that she still has a trace of nostalgia for her former lover, but she is in a passive position.

A case study of being kissed in a dream

Dream description: I have always had such a dream during this period of time. I dreamed that I was madly kissed by a man. Although I was very reluctant, I couldn’t push it away because of the man’s strength. I rejected the man while crying, but I was unable to escape. This scene in my dream made me feel a deep shame.

Dream analysis: A forced kiss is a forced kiss that occurs when one party is unwilling. For girls, this is a very violent and rude behavior. If you dream of being strongly kissed by a man, it is actually a potential symbol of your inner desire to be loved.