What does jealousy mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of jealous dreams, jealous dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of jealous dreams to help you sort out below.

Being jealous in a dream can cause conflicts with others.

When a businessman is jealous in his dream, his business will suffer.

If you dream that others are jealous of each other, it means that the dreamer will have conflicts with others, and this conflict will not be resolved immediately, which will have a certain impact on the lives of both parties.

If a woman dreams that she is jealous, it means that the dreamer will become a noisy woman, and this kind of noisiness will make the woman hysterical and lose her tenderness and kindness.

If a businessman dreams that he is jealous, his business will be affected by certain things in the near future. It is best to observe the development of the surrounding things as much as possible to avoid losses as much as possible.

A case study of jealousy in dreams

Dream description: A woman dreamed that she was playing with her child in the house, but suddenly wanted to go to the lower stairway to have a look. She went downstairs holding the baby, and unexpectedly found that her husband was sitting there with the babysitter at home. The two held hands and looked very close. The woman was very angry, so she rushed up and shouted at the two. But the husband and the woman didn’t seem to be able to see themselves, and the two continued to whisper together.

Dream analysis: pay attention to your own behavior, and be calm when you are in trouble, otherwise it is possible that you will feel unreasonable because of your emotions.