What is the meaning and symbol of sexual dreams in dreams?

The meaning of sex dreams, sex dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of sex dreams to help you sort out below.

1. Having sex with colleagues in a dream.

If you have sex with a colleague of the opposite sex in the dream (the dreamer has never thought of it in reality), and the mood tone is pleasant, the symbolic meaning is that the dreamer and the colleague cooperate very pleasantly and smoothly in actual work. For example, an employee dreamed of having sex with a female boss. Through the interpretation of dreams, I learned that he has been unable to communicate smoothly with his female boss at work, and psychologically hopes to improve this poor communication with her. The “sexual behavior” in the dream represented his desire to communicate smoothly with his female boss.

2. Having sex with relatives in dreams.

If the dream of having sex with relatives and elders of the opposite sex in the dream can be roughly divided into two situations, if the sexual object is a father or a mother, psychoanalytic theory believes that it is a psychological reflection of the dreamer’s desire for “incest”, which is called “Oedipus complex”. However, research by psychologists has shown that “incest sexual desire rarely appears in dreams. On the contrary, it will appear in metaphors and symbols, and such dreams are often embodied in nightmares.”

The sexual objects are the elders or elders whom the dreamer respects or admires, symbolizing ideological communication and resonance. For example, a female psychologist dreamed that she had sex with a well-known old man. The old man represents tradition. This dream means that her thoughts communicate and resonate with representatives of traditional thoughts.

3. Being raped in a dream.

In a girl’s dream, “She was raped, but after the rape, someone in my dream would tell me that he was unsuccessful and that I was still a virgin. The strange thing was that the rape in the dream was my willingness, and the person who raped me was An old man like my grandfather. The strange thing is that they raped me from behind.”

In this dream, “rape” symbolizes a will imposed on her. The “Rape Behind” symbol did not appear in front of her and had already made a decision against her will for her. “Grandpa” and “old man” symbolize male elders or outdated thoughts who impose will on her. “Voluntary” means that her attitude towards imposing will is submissive. “He didn’t succeed, I am still a virgin”, which means that although the will is imposed on her, she still cannot change her original thoughts.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Talking about love with the opposite sex in a dream, or even having sex with each other, is called a sexual dream. The essence of sexual dreams is a subconscious activity, which is one of the normal human sexual activities. The content of sexual dreams can be extremely complex, fragmented and fictitious fragments, or it can be a complete sexual act process related to a specific thing. Everyone has a spring dream, and having sex with different people in different scenes in the dream represents a variety of meanings. Try to recall the spring dreams you have had, and you can discover your inner thoughts.

Psychoanalysis: Sexual intercourse with strangers in dreams leads to sexual fantasies. The sexual intercourse partner that appears in the dream is often not your wife or girlfriend. You don’t need to blame yourself for this. The dream is only a reflection of your sexual fantasies, but in real life, you are still a good man who keeps himself safe. Dreaming of having sex with an unbeautiful woman implies that you appreciate inner beauty. This is the subconscious mind telling you that you have discovered her advantages in your heart, and you are not in love with her because of her beautiful appearance. Dreaming of having sex with the same sex will lead to tensions with the opposite sex. Such dreams about homosexuality are not a harbinger of homosexuality, but a kind of psychological comfort for men. It means that you have recently had a strained relationship with the opposite sex, and the same sex can best understand your own thoughts and feelings. The incest in the dream implies the need for comfort from relatives. This is not an unconventional weird dream. It also indicates that the relationship between men and women is strained, or the anxiety of encountering difficulties in the relationship, or you are expecting family members to recognize and comfort you, but in the dream it becomes sex. scene.