What is the meaning and symbol of pregnancy in dreams?

The meaning of pregnancy dreams, pregnancy dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the pregnancy dreams below to help you organize.

The dream of pregnancy has different meanings according to different dreams.

Generally speaking, pregnancy in a woman’s dream indicates an increase in wealth and a happier life.

If a girl is pregnant in a dream, if the dream is very happy, it indicates that she will get happiness and love, or express her envy for the happy life of others. If the dream makes you very unhappy, it may indicate that you are in trouble and have troubles.

For women of gestational age, pregnancy in a dream may indicate a desire to become pregnant in reality.

Pregnant women with children in their dreams may indicate that the family is very happy at present, or that the husband and wife are getting estranged. Maybe the husband is getting colder towards his wife, and the wife recalls the sweetness of the newlyweds in the dream.

A man or an old man becomes pregnant in his dream, expressing his wish that he or his children have children.

A scholar’s ​​dream of pregnancy or the birth of a baby may also indicate the birth of a new experience, a new thought, or a new achievement.

Dreaming of pregnancy and miscarriage may indicate that a plan is brewing and you have given up again.

A man dreams that his wife is pregnant, indicating that he may get unexpected money.

A woman dreams that a man is pregnant, which may imply that the man in the dream has undertaken her life for her, or that the man will give birth to new results.

A pregnant woman in the dream indicates that things are going well and there is fortune. In the dream of an unmarried woman, a pregnant woman may also indicate that it is difficult to find a partner, or even if married, marital problems may occur.

Dream interpretation

Most people think that the people who love to dream about having children and having children are mostly women who are pregnant or married and want to have children in their lives. In fact, this is not necessarily true. Although such women have a larger proportion of such dreams, we still do It is found that the dreamers who have such dreams are much richer than the people we imagined. For example, there may be children, unmarried women, elderly and even men.

Pregnancy in dreams may be compensation for the desire to become pregnant in reality.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of pregnancy, it mostly implies that you must go through a long waiting time to complete a plan. You discover new potential or character. Dreaming of pregnancy is not because you are actually pregnant in real life, but it may imply that there is such a situation around you.

Psychoanalysis: If you dream of a pregnant woman, it means you can see your own abilities or characteristics. Dreaming of a man being pregnant, especially when a woman dreams of such a sight, means that the man has taken the responsibility of supporting her in life.

Spiritual symbol: There is always a period of gestation in spiritual activities. Patience is needed here, and we must wait patiently for the end of this period.

Case analysis of pregnancy in dreams

【Dream Case 1】

In my dream, by the edge of a fish pond in my hometown, my wife and I were walking. I saw many tadpoles in the pond. There were many people holding bottles and grabbing tadpoles and putting them in it. I was envious when I saw it, so I My spouse and my wife also started to catch tadpoles like them, but we couldn’t catch tadpoles no matter what. Later someone told us that you should hold the bottle on one side and stop by the other, we Do what she said, and sure enough, we also caught one. When the person saw it, he said: Hey, it’s still a pregnant tadpole. I was very happy to hear it.

This dreaming lady is a person who has been married for many years but has not been able to get pregnant. She and her husband both wanted a baby, so they went everywhere for treatment or remedies. One night she had such a dream. In this dream, tadpoles symbolize male sperm, and the bottle is a symbol of female genitals and ovaries, and the person who pointed them to catch the tadpoles is also the doctor or other person who helped them in reality. This type of dream often appears in the dreams of women who really want to have a baby or are pregnant in real life, which is one of the “thinking by day, dreaming by night”, because pregnancy is a female Inborn privileges, such dreams mostly symbolize women’s original desire for childbirth. The dreams of women in pregnancy may also be caused by anxiety about the safety of childbirth.

Of course, those who have such dreams may also be the husbands and mothers of pregnant women. Although their dreams may be related to childbirth in reality, on the other hand, they will also convey some of their own wishes. . For example, an elderly woman gave birth to a boy in her dream and was very happy. In real life, her daughter is preparing to have a baby in the hospital. This dream seems to be related to the daughter giving birth, but it also expresses the dreamer’s own wish, that is, the dreamer hopes that she is as young as her daughter and can still have children. , And it’s a boy.

Pregnancy and birth in dreams can also represent a new experience or new consciousness in psychology and spirit.

It symbolizes the great change of the dreamer’s self in the growth of the spiritual realm and a kind of self-awakening, but this kind of “pregnancy” in the dream is the same as in real life. If you do not get your nutrition, it will also ” “Abortion”, so if you dream of stillbirth or abortion in your dream, it symbolizes the passing of a certain idea of ​​yours, and it is not necessarily related to abortion in reality. Of course, such a dream of birth can also be As a symbol of excretion of distress and purification of the body, if the output in your dream is dirty and evil. In addition, pregnancy is also a symbol of the process of giving new content to your life. Childbirth is a painful process, so this process may be painful, but it is the process of relieving repression and reaching more maturity, which is born in this dream. What the child looks like reflects the changes in your psychology.

It seems to be in a big house. I think it’s at our psychology teacher Li’s home. We are preparing to eat. Next to her classmates Wang Jing and Teacher Li are talking about the child. Wang Jing asked Teacher Li if the woman would be beautiful after she was pregnant. It was said that someone was really beautiful after having a baby. After hearing this, I thought, I also want to have a baby… This is the dream of a female college student. This female college student said that when she had this dream, she did not have a boyfriend yet. It’s weird. Actually, when we finish reading the above text, we will feel that it is normal. The big house is the “atrium” of the person. “At the house of Psychology Teacher Li, I am preparing to eat”. Psychologically related “spiritual food”, and “carrying a child” here is of course a symbol of “a new thing in pregnancy” and a symbol of the individual’s self-growth of the dreamer. In addition, sex must be pre-existing in order to have children Dreams also have sexual meaning.

In addition, adult women have such dreams, especially when the mother and child appear in the dream at the same time, they also express another dream of the dreamer, that is, they want to enter the adult world, if we use words to express it , That is: I have my own children, don’t treat me like a kid anymore!

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: The past two years have been busy doing business, so I didn’t have children. To be honest, I really like children now. I really like seeing the children of classmates or friends. A few days ago, my wife was pregnant in my dream. She asked me if I like boys or girls, and I said I like them both. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: pregnancy in a dream symbolizes an increase in wealth. If you are a man, your wife is pregnant in the dream, which means you will make a windfall; if you are a woman, you will be pregnant in the dream, which means your husband is about to make a fortune. If you dream of a pregnant woman, it indicates that you are doing things very smoothly and you will have good luck with money.