What is the meaning and symbol of promotion in the dream?

The meaning of promotional dreams, promotional dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the promotional dreams organized for you below.

Promotional activities in the dream indicate the advancement of things and indicate that the dreamer has a strong enterprising spirit.

In the dream, others are engaged in promotional activities, which means that the dreamer may feel pressure from work or life subconsciously, feel that things need further promotion, and look forward to external forces to help him.

In the dream, I am engaged in promotional activities, which means that the dreamer is prepared to find ways to take measures to advance his career through his own efforts, or to help solve problems at work.

In the dream, I am engaged in sales promotion, attracting a large number of customers, indicating that your ability will be recognized by everyone, and you will win trust and appreciation, and your work will go smoothly.

Case analysis of dream promotion

Dream description: In my dream, I was preparing to go shopping in a large shopping mall. I found a lot of people standing in front of the door. When I approached it, it turned out that the manufacturer was carrying out a sales promotion. They are recommending the newly developed snack food, which looks pretty good. (Female, 21 years old)

Dream analysis: Promotional activities in dreams mean promotion and promotion. The promotion of sales in your dream implies that you have a mentality to fuel the flames in your heart. In the dream, other people promote sales, indicating that you want someone to help you. In the dream, you promote yourself, which shows that you want to try your skills in a small way to promote and promote things.