What is the meaning and symbol of my shit in my dream?

The meaning of my shit, my shit dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of my shit dreams for you below.

Psychologically speaking, you subconsciously want to abandon your bad ideas or want to correct your bad habits, want to start a new positive life, this attitude is worthy of recognition.

The toilet in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s need for secrets and the desire to vent his feelings freely in his own space.

In the dream, a woman would be humiliated and discriminated against when she shit in a public toilet.

Dreaming of falling into the toilet, or falling in and then climbing out, indicates that you will be lucky, find a way to make money, or get unexpected large sums of money.

In the dream, you shit in public, which means that you are angry about not getting enough recognition or reward from the society.

Cleaning the toilet in the dream indicates that the dreamer wants to get rid of and eliminate all negative factors.

The toilet in the dream is dirty, indicating that you need to clean up the garbage in your heart.

If you have feces on your body or step on it in your dreams, fortune will come to you; you will get what you want and everything will go well.

Men shit in public toilets in their dreams, and they should pay attention to physical diseases.

Women who shit in their public toilets in their dreams will be humiliated and discriminated against.