What is the meaning and symbol of eating in a dream?

The meaning of eating dreams, eating dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of eating dreams for you below.

Chewing and eating happily in your dreams, you will find a boy and a girlfriend.

In the dream, you can eat something special for yourself. This is a good dream, which means that in the near future you will have good things such as wealth, noble people, new opportunities, etc.;

In the dream, I refuse to eat. If this kind of dream occurs, it often means that the dreamer has not been cared for for a long time, resulting in a psychological rebellion;

Eating with others in a dream indicates that you can get help from friends when you are in trouble

In the dream, you are eating by yourself, but there is an uncomfortable feeling, which indicates that you are under pressure recently and need to adjust yourself or take a rest for a while;

For example, in some dreams, “feces look like a cake with sugar”, which gives people a feeling of hunger, which can be seen from “an old and thin donkey” (symbolizing her inferiority and lack of emotion) The dreamer is extremely deficient in emotion and love. In a college student’s dream, she dreamed that “she was at the teacher’s home, eating with her teacher and her mother, and it was Western food, eating bread, drinking wine, and very happy.” The symbolic meaning of “bread and wine” in (drinking) is “spiritual food”, which is very similar to the sacrament in Christianity. It is also common to us, such as sleeping on an empty stomach and eating in dreams. This can be regarded as It is a kind of psychological compensation for physical hunger, and it can also be understood as a kind of psychological protection for continuing to sleep in a hungry state.

I have a meal with a few people in my dream, but they do not eat. The disaster will come, or I will die.

If you dream of sitting alone on the wall and eating, you will be promoted.

If you eat yourself in your dream, there will be quarrels at home.

When someone else eats in the dream, the family or neighbor is going to get married.