What is the meaning and symbol of singing karaoke in the dream?

The meaning of singing karaoke dreams, singing karaoke dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of singing karaoke dreams for you below.

Singing symbolizes happiness and excitement, and indicates that happy events are coming. Singing in dreams means that you can achieve your own wishes with the help of others.

To dream that you are singing karaoke indicates that the dreamer has a dissatisfaction with real life or a desire for sex.

If you dream that everyone is applauding for yourself, it means that the dreamer hopes that his new relationship can be recognized by everyone.

If the dreamer is in a secret love, he will also dream of standing alone in the KTV singing loudly.

Singing karaoke in a businessman’s dream means that a friend’s great help is predictable, and it implies that he might as well ask others for help;

Singing karaoke in the dream of salaried workers means that elders, bosses, or influential people will pull themselves out at the right time;

Young people singing karaoke in their dreams means that the dreamer has the opportunity to be careful & others to provide assistance.