What is the meaning and symbol of the ball game in the dream?

The meaning of the dream of a ball game, the dream of a ball game has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the ball game dream to help you organize below.

Some people say that the ball game is actually “the microcosm of life after filtering out the dark side.” There is a certain venue, time, clear rules of the game and law enforcement, teammates and opponents are clear. Compared with the world’s lack of ingenuity and deceit, there is no undercover or rebellion. Compared with reality, the ball game is a fair competition.

Who are your ball partners and opponents in your dreams? It may imply that you want to cooperate with or compete with each other. Fighting against a working partner who has always been tacitly agreeable may indicate that you are in fact competitive with him; after a fierce game, the players on the field are all blurred, which may reflect that you don’t want to fight. People compete, just want to display their desires.

Playing basketball does not have to be highly competitive in a dream, but more often we care about its fun. But in any case, the ball game is such an activity that involves sweating on the body, arousing fighting spirit mentally, and making you happy and happy. So when you dream of a ball game, more or less, perhaps faintly hinted at the desire to show your skills.

What factors in the dream hinder the progress of the game are also very worthy of attention. Just like in a ball game in China, you may never find the basket, or even fall into a shit. These festivals are inevitably frustrating, but it is worth noting that there are subtle factors in your dream that prevent you from doing your best. It is a humorous hint for you. Occasionally, there will be times when you come to a stadium but have no chance to play, or you are too late to play, but the game is over. Perhaps what I say to you is, take advantage of every opportunity that can be played in reality!

Watching a football game in your dream will give you a chance to be promoted.

If you bet on a ball in your dream and win the bet, you will be famous.

A pregnant woman dreams of playing football by herself, and she will give birth to a boy.

If the patient plays football by himself in his dream, his condition will get better.