The meaning and symbol of evil in dreams

The meaning of sin nightmare, sin nightmare has realistic influence and reaction, and also has the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the sin nightmare to help you sort out below.

To dream that you will like certain sinful things means that it will hurt your reputation.

To dream of others indulging in doing bad things indicates that certain unfortunate events will cause your relatives or group to suffer greater losses than gains.

Dreaming of committing a crime means that you are more creative and will take the road that others have not traveled. When facing difficulties and dangers, there is no way to learn from others and you need to be cautious;

Dreaming that you have been sentenced for sin indicates that all the difficulties in the dream will pass, and the dawn is ahead;

To dream of someone falsely accusing yourself of committing a crime is a good omen and a happy event will come, but to dream that you are accusing others is an ominous omen;

To dream that you have heard of a crime indicates that the dreamer’s environment will improve;

Dreaming of others hurting yourself and committing a crime will improve your current situation;

Dreaming of crimes such as assassination or assassination indicates that the dreamer will receive amazing news;

To dream of committing a crime and being arrested on the spot indicates that the dreamer must not speak carelessly or have a bad temper;

Dreaming of a criminal offense will make serious mistakes, so you should be cautious.