The meaning and symbol of Praised by the teacher in dream

The meaning of the dream praised by the teacher, the dream of being praised by the teacher has the influence and reaction of reality, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream to be praised by the teacher below for you to organize.

To dream of being praised by the teacher indicates that there are dark clouds in your studies. As a result of staying up all night for several days, I started to beat Tuo in class… The result was criticized by the teacher. This is the so-called anti-dream.

To dream of being praised by the teacher means that you are not good at homework. Although you want to try hard to catch up, you still can’t get good grades. And the teacher takes good care of you, which makes you feel sorry.

To dream of others complimenting oneself means good luck in the near future.

On the contrary, if you dream of praising others, disaster is imminent.

To dream of being praised by relatives and friends means that the dreamer will be deceived.

To dream of being praised by your wife means that your wife will behave badly, which is disgusting.

To dream of your subordinates complimenting yourself, your business will be a mess, and your subordinates will turn a deaf ear to your words.

To dream of praising your wife, friends or relatives will lead to a happy life.

To dream of praising the enemy will result in an enemy’s attack and impaired prestige.

A staff member dreams of complimenting his boss, he will be promoted and paid, or be rewarded.

If you dream of your boss complimenting yourself, you will be criticized by your boss and you may be demoted.

A woman dreams of being praised by others means that she is not the wife of her husband.

A student dreams of being praised by others will fail the exam.