The Meaning of foot is swollen in Dreams

Dreaming that your feet are swollen, it means that there will be cracks in the family relationship, which will indirectly affect your work and career.

I dream that my feet are red and swollen, indicating that there will be cracks in the family relationship, which will indirectly affect your work and career.

Dreaming that the foot is swollen, it will be left and right, and the debt will be heavy.

Married women dream of swollen feet, indicating that family members are not well connected.

Teachers dream of swollen feet, which means that they will worry about the students’ achievements.

The staff dreamed of swollen feet, suggesting that the relationship between colleagues is not good and affects your career.

Dreaming of someone else’s swelling, indicating that you will receive good news.

Dreaming of your own swelling, indicating that you may receive bad news, make you angry.

I dreamed of hurting my hands and feet, don’t stay at home, today is a good time to go out. And dear, he goes out to the outdoors! There will be a party for you to pay. To improve your competitiveness, you should be exposed to business that you don’t understand.

Dreaming of your own hand and foot injury, you will receive a request for a mandatory nature, or from your boss / teacher, or from your family or lovers, so that your heart is not happy. If you have experience, you can easily accept it with peace of mind; otherwise, you will immediately show confrontation. If you are a TV viewer, think about how the protagonists in the hardships have done it. Learn to tolerate each other’s character weaknesses, and then be a good friend and finally a magic weapon for success!

Dreaming of his own leg injury, indicating that the fortune is good, everything will be very smooth, especially the “yang life water phase people”, as long as they work hard will get good results.

Singles dream of their own leg injuries, indicating that the feelings are good, can lick a relationship, but also need to work hard and grasp.

Men dream of hurting their legs, indicating that they have had a valuable job in the recent work, and the opportunities for cooperation have increased. It is often beneficial to consult with experienced seniors.

A woman dreams of her leg injury, indicating that she will worry about her lover for a certain matter in the near future. Her heart will worry a lot. I suggest that you take the initiative to find a time to communicate with the other party and tell your inner dissatisfaction. All problems will be solved.

Workers dream of their own leg injuries, indicating that there will be a good growth in the work, as long as they can grasp the praise of the superior, but pay attention to the co-workers and avoid falling.

Job seekers dream of their own leg injuries, indicating that they have a good job search recently. The other party is more interested in one of their own specialties. As long as they try to perform well, the chances of success will be great.

The old man dreams of his leg injury, indicating that health needs to focus on the health of the heart, and usually pay attention to maintaining peace of mind and body. At the same time, pay more attention when going out to avoid accidents.