The meaning and symbol of alloy in dream

The meaning of alloy dreams, dreaming of alloys has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of alloys to help you sort out below.  

   Dreaming of alloy indicates that your business will face complicated situations, which will make you very annoying.

   A woman dreams of alloy, implying that trouble and sadness are hidden behind happiness, be careful.

   I dreamed that the aluminum alloy windows can be opened, like rain in the afternoon, and soon the sky will clear. Even if you encounter any problems in the past two days, you can solve them quickly if you deal with them patiently.

   The lover dreams of aluminum windows, and the other party makes a little awkwardness. In fact, a few words to comfort him, don’t lose your temper or be impatient.

   Dreaming of alloys means happy love and marriage.

   Dreaming of steel symbolizes eternal friendship and love.

   Dreaming of iron indicates that you may encounter setbacks, so you must be careful.

   Dreaming of brass implies that when dealing with the newly-acquainted person, one should be cautious and distinguish right from wrong.

   Dreaming of bronze indicates that you will get an unexpected money.

   Dreaming of copper means that you will meet friends who can really help.

   Dreaming of aluminum means that wealth is fortune and smooth. But if the aluminum is dim, it means that it may suffer unexpected setbacks.

   Dreaming of lead indicates that things that have been going on in the recent period are not going well, especially in terms of personal feelings.

   Dreaming about mercury is an unlucky dream, often related to illness or bad things.

   To dream of nickel is a symbol of loss and illness.