The meaning and symbol of Elixir of life in dream

The meaning of the dream of the elixir of life, dreaming of the elixir of life has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of elixir of life for you.

   The elixir of life is a kind of medicine in ancient Han myths and legends that can make people live forever.

   To dream of the elixir of life means that new happiness and new opportunities appear in front of you.

   A man dreams of a longevity indicates that he will live for a hundred years, be strong, and stay away from his illness.

   A woman dreams of a longevity, she will live a long life, have many children and grandchildren, and lead a peaceful and peaceful life in her old age.

  Businessmen dream of longevity, business will be prosperous, the industry will be everywhere, the wealth is rolling, masterpieces in the business field.

   People who are away from home dream of longevity, will reach their destination safely.

   The old man dreams of longevity is a bad omen, indicating that he will be seriously ill in the near future, and he will return to the west.

   A child dreams of longevity, will live a long life, and grow up either rich or expensive, and become a generation of celebrities.

   An unmarried woman dreams of a long life, she will marry a strong young man as his wife, and the love between the two is sweet and good.

   To dream of becoming a long-lived person, the staff will be accomplished in their posts, be recognized by the boss, and be promoted and paid.

   If an official dreams of a longevity person, the official will be prosperous, and he will soar into the sky.

   To dream of talking with a long-lived person, dreaming of an increase in the population of the person’s family, is a celebration.

  The patient dreams of a longevity, it is auspicious, and will soon recover.