The meaning and symbol of dagger in dream

The meaning of short sword dreams, dreaming that short swords have realistic influences and reactions, and subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming short swords for you.   

   When I saw a short sword in my dream, I said someone threatened your safety.

   Dreaming of taking his dagger from someone else means that you have a way to solve the threat of the enemy and overcome all unfortunate events.

   Dreaming of a sharp sword will be in danger.

   Women dream of sharp swords, and thieves or robbers will patronize their residences.

   Dreamed that the sword inserted in the sheath would get help from others if necessary.

   Dream about the sword hanging on the wall, life will be happy and peaceful.

   dreamed that stabbing others with a sword would be attacked by the enemy.

   Dreaming of others stabbing themselves with swords, all sorrows will pass.

   Dreaming about giving someone a sword, he will be lucky.

   Soldiers dreamed that the swords given to them by others could obtain the high military medal.

   The businessman dreamed that receiving the sword given by someone would squeeze the competitors away.