The meaning and symbol of bullet in dream

The meaning of bullet dreams. Dreaming of bullets has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream bullets for you to organize below.  

   Bullets, peanuts are delicious, and bullets are hard to taste. The bullet in the dream contains the meaning of trouble and illness.

   Dreaming of bullets, reminding you not to easily confide your thoughts to others, or to talk about some privacy that should not be publicized, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in future life.

   Dreamed that he was hit by a bullet, implying that the dreamer should go for a health check to prevent future problems, so as to ensure the health of the body.

   Dreamed that the bullet came like a raindrop, but he was unscathed, indicating that although there are many troubles in the life of the dreamer, he can face it calmly and solve various problems in his own way.

  Did you see the bullet, although it has the power to lead the direction and make decisions, but you need to respect the opinions of customers and partners, do not be wishful thinking or self-righteous, more concessions and compromises are better

   Women dream of neutron bombs, you will be very hard.

Case studies of dreaming bullets

  Dream description: I dreamed that my right kidney was shot by a bullet, then crawled everywhere, and climbed to two hospitals. The doctors were all very indifferent. The dream was particularly clear. Even the threshold of climbing was remembered, and there was traffic on the street.

Dream analysis: The right kidney was shot by a bullet, which means that you may encounter problems in your life that you need to solve immediately. In the dream, you crawled to the hospital. On the one hand, it represents worry about yourself. In addition, it also expresses a low profile. Gesture of asking for help. The doctors are all very indifferent, which means that no one wants to help you, and the details in it represent the hardship in the street, the traffic on the street, and symbolize other people in life who do not care about you.