The meaning and symbol of battery in dream

The meaning of battery dreams, dreaming that batteries have realistic effects and reactions, and also subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming batteries organized for you below.   

   Dream about the battery, indicating that the enemy’s constant pressure will make you make unpleasant changes.

   For women, dreaming about the battery makes her feel electric shock, meaning that she will be kicked out by the family or her husband will say goodbye.

   Dreaming about a battery, the speculation that seizes the opportunity will give you a huge profit return.

   Dreaming about generating electricity, those who are ill will heal quickly, and happy days will come.

   Charger is used to supplement energy for various electrical appliances. In dreams, the charger often expresses a kind of spiritual power, maybe a person or a thing or even a thing.

   Dreaming of a mobile phone charger indicates that he will make a lot of confidantes and be able to give his lifelong friends who are truly in trouble.

   Dreamed about the charger of electric vehicles, and said that he will become a leader in the mall.