The meaning and symbol of pension in dream

The meaning of pension dreams. Dreaming about pensions has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming pensions for you.

   Dreaming about retirement pension means you have done what you can and you are proud.

   dreamed of getting a pension, which was heralded in labor. You will get help from your friends.

   Dreaming about not being able to apply for a pension means that your career will fail and you will lose friends.

   Dream about retirement, suggesting that you might want to participate in new or unplanned activities.

Case analysis of dreaming about pension

  Dream description: Yesterday night I dreamed that my father was going through retirement procedures, but his father’s pension was much less than expected. He was very unhappy and talked to me. What is going on? My father is now retiring.

  Dream analysis: dreaming about pension, it means you have done what you can, and you are proud. But your dream pension is less than expected, which actually reflects that your father was not very active at work during the retirement period. It may be because he is older and the opportunity should be given to young people, so the time Relatively idle.