The meaning and symbol of Bounty in dream

The meaning of bounty dreams, dreaming about bounty has real impact and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming bounty for you to organize below.   

   Dreamed of getting a small bounty for helping with the housework, saying that the relationship with the family is very harmonious. At this time, you can arbitrarily withdraw from your father and swindle more pocket money.

   Dreaming of bounty shows that life is going well.

   dreamed that the company issued a bounty, heralding a harmonious relationship with the leadership.

   Dreaming of others sending money, ominous signs, property will be lost.

  Unemployed people dream of giving money to others, reminding you to save time and plan to spend money when you have no income.

  The man dreamed that others would send money. Short-distance travel is OK, but not far away.

  Employees dreamed that others would send money and would be demoted.