The meaning and symbol of bill in dream

The meaning of bill dreams, dream dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dream dream bills to help you organize below.   

   dreamed that he received a certain bill and paid to the other party, indicating her career development, status improvement, and prosperity.

   dreamed that he signed on the bill, indicating a prosperous business and a prosperous business.

   Dreaming about billing someone else implies that income is falling, the economy is in trouble, suffering from poverty, or business damage.

   People who owe foreign debt dream about the bills, and may also remind you that you will meet debt collectors, even be prosecuted, and suffer from prison. Be careful.

  People who are busy with business dream about bills. On the one hand, it reflects the pressure of the business. On the other hand, it may also imply that the business will suffer losses. Remind you to act with caution.

  The woman dreams about the bill, and there may be a family crisis, and the husband or herself may be in trouble.