The meaning and symbol of platinum in dream

The meaning of platinum dreams, dreaming that platinum has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming platinum that is organized for you below.

   Dreaming of platinum is a sign of loss.

   The woman dreamed of losing the platinum and would soon buy new jewelry.

   Dream that someone will give you platinum and you will suffer losses.

   Dreaming of gold indicates that she will encounter setbacks. I dreamed that someone might send gold to myself and I might suffer losses. The woman dreamed of losing gold, foreshadowing the addition of new jewelry.

   Dreamed about gold and silver cups, pots, tools, etc., all foreshadowing to get married, or to have good luck on things that require betting.

   Dreaming about gold clothes and gold cloth indicates that she will get honor and prestige.

   dreamed that he was looking for gold, indicating that he would improve his situation and succeed through his own efforts.

   Dreaming about alchemy, or panning, and gold mining, it reminds you to be vigilant, keep your eyes open, and don’t judge people by appearance.

   Dreaming about digging out gold, or opening a vault, indicates that you will have unexpected wealth.

  I dream of hiding gold and remind you to protect your own interests. If necessary, you need to take active measures.

   Dreaming about stealing gold or counting gold is to warn you that if you want to use illegal means to profit, you will be severely punished.

   Dream about finding gold, implying that outstanding ability will make you easily stand out and win wealth and fame.

   Dream about losing gold, because of negligence, you will miss the most precious opportunity in your life.

  The discovery of a gold mine in a dream means that some honor is suddenly added to your head, which is very uncomfortable.

   dreams of operating a gold mine, indicating that you will try to seize the rights of others, warning you to prevent scandals in your home.

   The woman dreamed of receiving a gift made of gold, whether it was gold coins or gold ornaments, and predicted that she would marry a rich but greedy husband.

Dreaming of platinum, the five elements belong to gold, and your determination in the cause of your determination can improve your luck in your career. This is also auspicious, this dreamer’s wealth is obvious.

Dreaming of buying platinum, many owners have good luck in negotiating with others in their careers, and your personal ability can also be recognized by everyone. Then the dreamer can negotiate with others in his career, which is smooth in his career. Those who have this dream are auspicious in the autumn dream and unlucky in the summer dream.

Travelers who have this dream can consider walking west. The people they meet in the dream or those who send you platinum have a good impact on your life.

The test taker has this dream and the main scores in the near future are very good, and the improvement in your scores will eventually make you gain in your career.

Single men and women have this dream. If you cooperate with others in your career, you will have good luck. There are many signs of feelings and career. You need to cherish the relationship with others.