The meaning and symbol of Backgammon in dream

The meaning of backgammon dreams, dreaming that backgammon has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming backgammon for you to organize below.

Backgammon imitates human warfare and represents disaster.

Dreaming of backgammon is a symbol of gifts and strategies.

Dreaming of playing backgammon, you will face a test, if you win, you will soon get a legacy or a gift.

If you lose, you should beware of business partners to avoid cheating.

Dreaming that someone is playing backgammon, and if you are gesticulating and arranging your ideas, you will defeat your opponent.

Dreaming about playing chess or Go, often implies that you will face disasters, battles, or obstacles in your work. Be cautious and prepare early.

Dreaming of checkers is a symbol of travel and emotion. The plot of checkers appears in the dream, indicating that you are a more romantic person.

Zhougong stock market

Dreamed of playing backgammon, and the stock price only rose and fell slightly, which was a weak hovering situation.