The meaning and symbol of abacus in dream

The meaning of the abacus dream, dreaming that the abacus has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream abacus for you to organize below.

Dreamed of an abacus, heralding a fortune.

Dreaming about the plan, heralds the recent fortune.

Businessman dreams of an abacus, which indicates that you are a businessman with careful calculation and prudent investment. You invest accurately, so you will have a prosperous business and a wealth of money.

The employee dreamed of an abacus, indicating that because of your hard work, you will be appreciated by your boss and you will get a promotion and salary increase in the near future.

The pregnant woman dreamed of an abacus, indicating that she would have a clever child.

Dreaming about your intentions means that your recent financial luck is very strong, the expenditure is low, and the income has increased sharply.

Case analysis of dreaming about abacus

Dream description: I dreamed of going to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor said I would take abacus beads for treatment. Then I took out an abacus and picked one down to show it to me. A date.

Dream analysis: pregnant women dreaming of an abacus indicates that a smart child will be born. Pregnant women dreaming of dates will indicate that you will have a boy.