The meaning and symbol of pen in dream

The meaning of pen dream, dreaming about the pen has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming pen organized for you below.

Dreaming about styluses indicates that you will build a prestige that is difficult to support and convince others.

Dreamed that there are many pens, which indicates that you will become the person in charge of a large organization and unit.

Dreaming of a fountain pen indicates that business is booming and endless.

An unmarried man dreamed of running a fountain pen, indicating that he would marry a well-educated wife.

Dreamed of writing with an old pen or broken pen (or the pen tip is old, broken), implying that you might take over a mess, such as institutions and companies on the verge of failure, chaotic operations, or financial losses.

People who participated in the election dreamed that they would use ivory pens to indicate that they would win the election and win the election.

Dreaming of a stone pen indicates that the dreamer will experience poverty, live an embarrassing life, or suffer business losses, or even face bankruptcy.

An editor or a person who works as a writer dreams that if the pen tip is written off, it will be subject to unexpected accidents, life will experience twists and turns, and it will be difficult to resume old business in the short term.

Dreaming about doing a pen business is a good thing, indicating that you may finally be able to recover the arrears that you do not hope to recover.

Dreamed of writing a quill pen to do a new business.

The unemployed dreamed of writing with a quill and would soon get the position of a clerk.

The businessman dreamed that writing with a quill would be falsely accused, and the loss would be significant.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: If you dream of a pencil, ballpoint pen or pen, they represent interpersonal communication. If these writing tools cannot be used, it means that you do not understand the information you obtained. If you lose your pen, it means you do n’t know how to move on.

Psychoanalysis: Everyone has learning ability, but they also need to impart the knowledge they have learned to others. The pen in the dream left a mark longer than the pencil.

Spiritual symbol: The ability to interpret and determine spiritual cognition is an important part of spiritual development.

Case study of the dream pen

Dream description: Xiao Zhou dreamed that his pen was broken one day, and careless when repairing the pen, the ink in the pen spilled on his hand. After the blue ink got on his hand, he went to the faucet to wash his hands, but he couldn’t wash it. Then he woke up.

Dream analysis: dreaming that the pen is broken, this dream may be caused by the brain sorting out the information in the daytime. From a psychological point of view, the pen symbolizes self-expression, personality performance, expressive ability, information, connection and communication. A broken pen may indicate a barrier or problem with self-expression or contact. If you accidentally spilled ink on your hand after fixing the pen, you should be careful to avoid making mistakes. The color of the ink usually implies the wrong nature. Blue symbolizes certainty, truth and wisdom, which means calm action, open-mindedness and perseverance. Sometimes blue also represents stress, depression and sadness. The hand usually represents the ability to perform the task. We say hello with our hands, so hands also represent relationships. Baptism symbolizes a new beginning, purification and renewal. Washing hands is not clean, implying that dreamers are trying to improve their ability to master life.