The meaning and symbol of Blank paper in dream

The meaning of the white paper dream, dreaming that the white paper has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream white paper to help you organize below.

White paper is virtue. White paper is pure and flawless, symbolizing moral character.

Dreaming of white rice paper is a good sign.

I dreamed that the white paper with the words written on it was also auspicious.

An unmarried man dreamed of a blank paper, indicating that he would marry a wife with a pure family background and pure background.

The unmarried girl dreamed of white paper, indicating that she would marry a man of high moral character and high moral character.

Dreaming about the white paper on which the words are written indicates that he will receive good news or unexpected gains.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: The white paper is virtue, and the white paper is flawless, symbolizing moral character. In addition, paper is money. Living people use paper money, and dead people use money. The relationship between paper and money is very close, and it is equivalent in the dream. Dreaming about paper, it means a lot of money, which is auspicious.

Psychoanalysis: The staff dreamed that the written paper would be commended. The unemployed dreamed of writing on paper and getting a job. Businessmen dream of printed paper, and the government’s economic policies may bankrupt themselves. The staff dreamed that the printed paper might be fired by the boss. A married woman dreams of black paper, and her husband may be sad. The accused person dreams of black paper and may be sentenced to death or deported. Thieves and robbers dream of black paper, and may scream when they fight. When I dream of red paper, there will be good news. People in high positions dream of red paper and will receive invitations from senior government officials. Dreaming about green paper, you or your family must become married. Dreaming about stationery, I will make new friends. The prisoner dreamed of the stationery, and with the help of friends, he would soon be free. Dreaming about writing letters, you will get the sympathy of your loved ones at risk. Dreaming of blotting paper will make you rich. Businessmen dream of blotting paper and will drive away their competitors. Dreaming about doing paper trading, there will be a deficit in business. I dreamed of buying paper and starting a new business. The unmarried man dreamed of white rice paper and would marry a pure girl from a higher family. The girl dreamed of white rice paper and would marry a man of high moral character.

Case analysis of dreaming about white paper

Dream description: A young man dreamed and dreamed that a paper horse was pierced. The paper horse suddenly floated up. He wanted to burn the paper horse he pierced when he was afraid. But the paper horse could not be lighted. Behind the paper horse, there was a paper house to float over. Then he was frightened.

Dream analysis: An unmarried man dreams of white paper and will marry a pure girl as his wife. Dreaming about paper horses may cause some disputes with girlfriends or friends, but it will not affect the feelings between them.