The meaning and symbol of Fountain pen in dream

Fountain pen The meaning of the fountain pen dream, dreaming of the fountain pen. The fountain pen has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming fountain pen and fountain pen organized for you below.

Dreamed of a pen, implying that he would win the respect and trust of people with his own knowledge.

Dreamed that writing with a pen would also indicate that he would make a fortune and win his status.

Dreaming about writing with an old fountain pen reminds you that the economy may suffer.

Psychological analysis point of view, the pen in the dream is still a male symbol, on the one hand may suggest male genitalia, on the other hand, it also expresses the male writing and discourse authority.

Women’s dreams may reveal the masculinity in women’s hearts.

An unmarried man dreamed of a fountain pen and fountain pen, and would marry a well-educated wife.

The editor dreamed that when the pen tip was written off, he would be arrested and sentenced to long-term imprisonment.

Case analysis of pens

Dream description: I do n’t know if there is a luminous pen, but I dreamed that I own a luminous pen. At night, I took out the pen. In the night, the pen glowed a light green, very soft and pleasing. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of a pen is a symbol of fame and news. A pen appeared in the dream, heralding information from afar. Dreaming that you are using a pen indicates that your popularity will increase. Dreaming that someone is using a pen indicates that you will get good news.

Is like dreaming of a pencil, which represents health and happiness.

Dreaming about a ballpoint pen, it means that the work is smooth.

Dreaming of chalk means hard work and persistence.

Dreaming about colored pencils is a symbol of heterosexual relationship.