The meaning and symbol of Crystals in dream

The meaning of crystal dreams, dreams of crystals have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dream crystals below to help you sort out.

   Dreaming of crystals of any shape, such as salt, ice, sugar, etc., indicates that unfortunate things are about to come, such as social, business failure, family entanglement, work mistakes, etc., which make you very confused.

   To dream of eating salt is a good omen, the body will be strong and life will be happy.

   A married woman dreams of eating salt will give birth to a beautiful and strong child.

  The patient dreamed of eating salt, and his body would be strong and healthy.

   To dream of salt making is a bad omen, sadness and misfortune will come.

   I dreamed of buying salt, and the family wants to increase the population.

   To dream of selling salt will be loved by the people.

   Dreaming of grinding salt means you can manage your family well.

   To dream of adding salt to food is a bad omen, disaster and poverty are coming.

   Dreaming of ice implies that the husband of the dreamer will work hard for the family and make life better and better.

   Dreaming of ice means that the dreamer receives special care and achieves good results in it.

   The businessman dreams of ice, the business will be taken care of by the customers, and it will become more and more prosperous.

   An unmarried woman dreams of ice, implying that the dreamer man will treat himself wholeheartedly and will find a satisfactory one.

   An unmarried man dreams of ice, implying that the dreamer will be more loyal to him, and love more than gold.

   Seeing ice cubes drifting in clear water (such as small lakes, lakes, etc.) in a dream indicates that the dreamer will overcome the envy of himself.

   To dream of putting ice cubes in the cup is to warn the dreamer not to waste time and energy on meaningless temporary pleasures.

   The farmer dreams of getting ice, which implies that the dreamer will have a good harvest.

   Dreaming of a tree full of ice indicates that the dreamer will succeed after delaying, so don’t be discouraged and stick to it.

   Dreaming of an icicle indicates that no matter what the dreamer’s best is, it will soon disappear unless it melts. This is to remind the dreamer to stabilize his source of income in the future.