The meaning and symbol of Polenta in dream

The meaning of polenta dream, dreaming of polenta has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming of polenta to help you organize below.

Dream about polenta and find a good job.

Dreaming of polenta, which represents a very interesting research and plan on the progress of future love. Your pleasant courtship process becomes your interesting process of physical and mental relaxation.

Dreamed of walking in a corn field, indicating that there will be unexpected surprises in the near future.

Dreamed that corn grows very luxuriantly, which indicates good luck in the near future.

Dreaming about peeling off the mottled ears of corn means that you will usher in all aspects of success and happiness.

Dreaming of others collecting corn indicates that you will be happy for the success of your friends or relatives.

In a dream, through a vigorous corn field, seeing the heavy corn has a profound meaning for farmers, not only foreshadowing a full crop and a bumper harvest, but also heralding family harmony. If young people dream this dream, it indicates happiness and loyalty to friends.

Seeing withered corn in dreams heralds disappointment and death.

In the dream, I saw that the field with young corn seedlings has just been plowed, indicating that you will get the support and love of the powerful, and herald the upcoming success.

Dreaming that the corn is ripe, expressing fame and wealth, seeing the corn stored in the warehouse, indicates that your greatest wish is about to come true.

Dreaming of corn without foreskin, which means that money is rolling and many people love it.

Dream to eat fresh corn, which means harmony between friends. If young people have this dream, it means a happy marriage.

Pregnant women dream of corn and will give birth to sons.