The meaning and symbol of Wo-meter rice and wheat in dream

The meaning of Hemi rice and wheat dreams, dreaming of Hemi rice and wheat has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of Hemi rice and wheat for you to organize.

I dream of seeing rice at home or on the road, and you will meet your loved ones who haven’t seen you for a long time.

I dreamed that the house was born with the official officer Ji.

I dreamed of seeing Hefeng cooked rich and long.

I dreamed that the owner of wheat and rice was rich.

I dreamed that those who had glutinous rice had good fortune.

I dreamed that the richness of the grain flourished.

I dreamed that Gusui Qixiu was auspicious.

I dreamed that Miguduijisan was the main culprit.

I dreamed about the big wife’s selfishness.

I dreamed of fierce soybean seedlings.

I dreamed that Mi Mai was in a good position.

I dreamed that Daji, the master of sitting and lying.

I dreamed of holding the landlord Fulu in his hand.

Xun Meng saw Daji, the master of rice.

I dreamed that the owner of the vegetable plant had a long life.

Xun Meng saw that He suddenly lost his rank.

I dreamed that there would be something for corn.

I dreamed that the soba noodles were official.

I dreamed that the bran intersecting family wanted to check.

I dreamed that the wine song would be the master song.