The meaning and symbol of Cornflowers in dream

Cornflowers represent happiness. It has beautiful colors, beautiful flower shapes, fragrant breath, and tenacious vitality. You can see her beautiful figure in German hillsides, fields, waterfronts, roadsides, and front houses. It is also the national flower of Germany. .

I dreamed of cornflowers, expressing contemplation, and inner peace.

I dreamed of dried cornflowers, suggesting that the dreamer had dry faith and was disheartened.

Dreaming of blue cornflowers in bloom, it means that what you do will be successful.

I dreamed that you were picking white chrysanthemums, suggesting that you would be frustrated or lost. If the chrysanthemum is other bright colors, it means that the work you are doing will bring you happiness.

I dreamed of a whole bunch of chrysanthemums, suggesting that the arrow of love is about to hit you. But because your ideal lover is too perfect, you missed it.

I dreamed that you walked through a flowerbed of white chrysanthemums mixed with a little yellow chrysanthemums, which means that you have already foreseen that you will have losses, and you will be depressed. But not long, these feelings will motivate you to make life better.

I dreamed that chrysanthemums were blooming, and money would be very good. At this time, I simply asked my mother to increase pocket money.