Dream Case Study of Pineapple

Dreaming of pineapples foreshadows money and harvest.

I dreamed of eating pineapples or asking others to eat pineapples, indicating a successful career or good health.

Married woman dreamed of pineapple, indicating that there would be children.

Unmarried man dreams of pineapple, indicating that he will marry a beautiful wife.

I dreamed of picking pineapples, indicating that you will be successful in the near future.

Business people dream of eating pineapple, business is booming, and wealth is growing.

I dreamed that someone else gave me a pineapple, indicating that I would receive good news.

I dreamed of eating rotten pineapple, which means that business will encounter setbacks.

I dreamed of eating raw pineapple, reminding you to pay attention to your health, you may be sick.

I dreamed of selling pineapples, foreshadowing a difficult day.

I dreamed of throwing pineapple, which foreshadows your possibility of breaking up with friends.

I dreamed that drinking pineapple juice was a sign of business success.

When Xun dreamed of cutting pineapple, pineapple stabbed his finger, indicating that your personal affairs will go through many twists and turns, but will eventually achieve complete success.