What are the meanings and symbols of funerals and weddings in dreams?

The meaning of wedding and funeral dreams, wedding and funeral dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of wedding and funeral dreams to help you organize below.

Weddings and funerals are often compared, and the Chinese call them “happy events”.

When there is a wedding in a dream, it often means a funeral or a stagnation in love.

In a dream, the relationship between friends hit the rock. Maybe your best friend has a lover and is gradually estranged from you. At this time, you must not be jealous and wish her sincerely. This is friendship.

In students’ dreams, they always feel some doubts or difficulties in their studies, which makes you feel very discouraged, and it takes a lot of time to fail to achieve the desired results. And the results on the exam at this time may not be satisfactory, which makes you feel very disappointed.

A funeral in a dream is a sign of illness and imprisonment.

Burial in the dream, there will be a sign of wealth.

I heard the cry of the funeral in my dream, and there was good news.

Participating in the funeral of a loved one in a dream indicates that everything will go well. The lost things reappear; or to reconcile with anti-purpose friends, it will be good again and again.

To attend a wedding in a dream, relatives and friends are about to die.

When young men and women get married in their dreams, their bodies will be sick.

If you marry an old man (old lady) in your dream, you will get an inheritance.

A man dreams of getting married by himself, getting sick or passing away.