What is the meaning and symbol of marrying a wife in the dream?

The meaning of the dream of marrying a wife, the dream of marrying a daughter-in-law has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of marrying a wife below for you to organize.

The dream of marrying a wife and a bride is not a dream that implies that you will get married, but a dream of good fortune. You may get a large sum of money, which is a good dream.

In your dream, you become the bride or groom. As long as the bride or groom appears in your dream, it means that you have a longing for marriage. If you put on a bridal gown or a groom’s outfit, in addition to the idea of ​​marriage, It means that you hope to be recognized by others and bless you for the development of this relationship.

Dreaming of a dead person marrying a wife often represents a new feeling for the opposite sex.

In my dream, I saw a dead man marrying a daughter-in-law, indicating that there will be a new intrusion of the opposite sex in my world.

Dream interpretation

Speaking of marriage, it reminds me of a popular allegorical saying among the folks, which is to dream of marrying a daughter-in-law-thinking about good things. This Chinese allegorical saying is in line with Freud’s dream theory—a dream is the fulfillment of wishes. He believes that the only purpose of dreams is to satisfy wishes, especially those that cannot be satisfied in real life. We are not always Do you call a beautiful and difficult-to-achieve wish a “dream”? So if a young person of the right age has not found a suitable partner to marry, it is natural to dream of fulfilling it.

Marriage in a dream symbolizes some kind of cooperation.

Marriage in the dream also symbolizes the constraint of responsibility.

Marriage is subject to family responsibilities and legal responsibilities.

From these two dreams, although this woman is already married, she still feels single in her heart. Because in the first paragraph, she suddenly remembered that she was married when she was about to get married, which shows how this marriage is in her feelings. The above is the same as nothing. The previous marriage symbolizes the union, while the latter symbolizes the bondage. She already has the bondage of the marriage, so there will be later concerns about what the husband will do.

In addition, marriage in the dream symbolizes the end.

Marriage also symbolizes the end and the end of love. Isn’t there a saying that “marriage is the grave of love”?

Marriage is also symbolic. In traditional concepts, sex after marriage is legal and recognized, so there are many people who marry for sex.

A case study of marrying a wife in a dream

【Dream Case 1】

Dream description:

I dreamed that two colleagues in our unit were going to get married. I felt very puzzled. How could their two men who have a family get married? At this time, someone said to me: hurry up and move, there is no place for you.

Dream analysis:

This is the dream of a corporate employee. Through Lenovo, one of the two colleagues represents the CEO of their company and the other represents the CEO of another company. The two companies are discussing mergers. Marriage is also called marriage. In dreams, it can symbolize union, not necessarily a union of two people, but also a union of two groups, because marriage is not a problem of two people, but a problem of the union of two families.

In ancient times, the marriage of the emperor’s daughter was even the issue of the union between two countries. In fact, they can be united without getting married. Married may also break the union due to profit reasons. But marriage brings people a sense of stability, harmony, and eternity. This is why people are unwilling to give up realizing this symbolic meaning. Although marriage is not really used as a symbol of marriage to achieve union in modern times, the idea of ​​corporate marriage is well known, so there will be two people who are unlikely to get married. The person who speaks to him is his inner worry. He is afraid of the impact of changes in the company on his career, leaving him no place for him.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: In the first dream, I was about to get married, but suddenly I felt that I was already married. What should my husband do? I suddenly became a little worried. In the second dream, I married one of my junior high school classmates, but we haven’t seen each other for two years. I was feeling very strange when I suddenly met my husband’s relatives. I asked him for my husband’s phone number and address and wanted to contact him. But then I thought about it, since I haven’t contacted for two years, what else can I contact, so the divorce is fine.

Dream analysis:

From the second dream, we can see how alienated her heart is from her husband, just like she has never met after getting married, and she still doesn’t know how to contact him. This kind of contact does not mean that both parties usually say nothing or do they Living together and not meeting each other refers to inner communication. Two people who have no inner communication together feel the same as not seeing each other, but in fact they have not seen each other.

No wonder she had forgotten that she was already married and was about to get married again. In a marriage, if both parties are waiting for each other to communicate with themselves, then there will be a state of non-communication. After a long time, it will feel that there is no need for communication, and then such a marriage will exist in name only. However, divorce does not solve the problem. If the passive communication mode does not change, even if you enter a new marriage, you will repeat the old path. The repetition of this mode is what people call reincarnation.