What is the meaning and symbol of homosexuality in dreams?

The meaning of gay dreams, gay dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the gay dreams below to help you sort out.

In heterosexual dreams, you are gay. Such dreams remind you to pay more attention to your own problems in interpersonal relationships and love. You may be a little isolated, lack trust in the people around you or in love, and interpersonal relationships make you feel stressful; Maybe you are being pestered by someone you hate.

If you are strongly attracted by someone of the same sex in your dream, it may indicate that you long for the love of your parents and the warmth of your family.

Kissing a friend of the same sex in a dream usually only means that you get along well and appreciate each other in your hearts.

Dreaming of having a relationship with the same sex in the dream indicates that the dreamer may have doubts about his sexual role;

The dream of having sex between two people of the same sex means that the dreamer has always lacked care and love, but he insists on traditional moral concepts and does not intend to actively pursue love.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In the dream, you have a relationship with the same sex, which means you may have doubts about your sexual role. Dreaming that you are attracted by someone of the same sex may indicate that you have been longing for your parents’ love. Similar dreams are more likely to involve warmth between people than sex.

Psychoanalysis: The homosexuality in the dream usually means that you are trying to accept the part of the content that you originally disliked, so that it can be integrated with each other. This result usually appears more ideal.

A case study of homosexuality in dreams

Dream description: In the dream, a woman I didn’t know came to me wearing a black shirt and black pants. She kissed me and stroked my chest where she didn’t know. I don’t have that preference for women (lesbians)… I was thinking, when the woman was about to say something, the dream was over. (Female, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: The person in black is actually another you in your heart, which can be called a “shadow”. The shadow usually hides in the appearance of himself, being suppressed.

You must be a serious and a little shy student, so you feel guilty when you oppose sexual things, but the shadow is the opposite. You are changing from adolescence to adolescence, even to the stage of adulthood. At this time, the deep heart will begin to advise you through dreams. As a mature woman, you must have this body. You don’t need to feel embarrassed, you should accept the other side of yourself.