What is the meaning and symbol of fencing in the dream?

The meaning of fencing dreams, fencing dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the fencing dreams to help you organize below.

Fencing is a sport developed from ancient swordsmanship duels. It combines elegant movements and flexible tactics. It requires a high degree of concentration of the athlete’s spirit and good coordination of the body, reflecting the athletes’ good movements and agile reactions. In dreams, fencing often symbolizes a respectful competition.

Fencing in the dream, these two days are empty days, so you can not concentrate, vivid fantasy and some inspiring thoughts will appear in your mind, but at the same time it will become vague and forgetful. These factors will be mixed with each other, one will ebb and flow. You can imagine as you want, you will be able to play freely in art and music, and your writing and debating skills will greatly increase. In the past two days, you may talk to people about occult or spiritual issues, but it is not suitable for signing a contract or doing things that require attention to detail. Sometimes, these two days will also mean that you will go to the hospital to see a doctor or visit patients, and take a water trip.

In the dream, he participated in the fencing competition and won the championship, indicating that he would be severely damaged by his competitors with despicable moves, but afterwards, the opponent would suffer more severe damage or even bankruptcy.

In the dream, I failed in the fencing competition, indicating that my career would be supported by more people.

The sword broke during fencing in the dream, indicating that he would lose the support of important relatives and friends.

In the dream, as the referee of the fencing competition, he said that he would be involved in some secret disputes.