Dream interpretation data on this site

Dream interpretation data on this site
If the average life expectancy of an average person is 75 years old, a person will have at least 50,000 hours and 104,390 dreams in his lifetime, an average of 666.7 hours, 1,392 dreams per year, and 55.6 hours, 116 dreams per month.

Dreamland is the message sent by the body in sleep; dreamland is a window into people’s mind; dreamland can reveal people’s various unfulfilled wishes; dream interpretation and dream interpretation are for you to compare one by one, let you self-examination, self-use, Self-explanation and self-answer.

This site combines the essence of traditional Chinese Zhougong’s dream interpretation with the theories of modern psychological research. It analyzes all aspects of dreams that may be involved in the form of a dictionary, including the basic knowledge and theories of dreams, the methods and specific applications of dream interpretation, and people’s daily lives. The meaning and connotation of various types of dreams, etc., and introduce the skills of dream interpretation in the most concise and understandable way, so that every reader can learn to analyze dreams and uncover hidden secrets in the subconscious.

In addition to translating the original version of Zhougong’s Dream Interpretation into modern characters, the modern Zhougong Interpretation of Dreams on this site also combines modern psychology on dream interpretation, and compiles entries in modern terms.

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