The meaning and symbol of ticket in dream

The meaning of ticket dreams, dreams about the real impact and reaction of the tickets, and the subjective imagination of the dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams tickets for you to organize below.   

   Dreamed of buying train tickets, subway tickets, bus tickets or tram tickets, indicating that it is going to make a long and difficult journey.

  The woman dreamed of going to buy a train ticket, subway ticket, bus ticket, or tram ticket, suggesting that she might encounter a marital crisis, a relationship with her husband, conflict, and separation.

  The businessman dreamed that he would buy a ticket, and the business might be damaged.

  The patient dreamed of buying a ticket, and beware of aggravating the condition.

   The prisoner dreamed that he would buy a ticket, indicating that he would be free again.

   Dreamed of collecting train or tram tickets, and doing very little profit.

   Dreamed that if the ticket was lost, it might be harassed by the enemy, so be alert.

   Dreaming about selling train or tram tickets, hinting at possible labor and meager returns, makes you feel mediocre.