The meaning and symbol of comb in dream

The meaning of the dream of the comb, dreaming that the comb has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream comb below to help you organize.

Dreaming about combs usually means sorting out ideas and resolving worries.

Men dreaming of combs may also herald temptation.

I dreamed that I combed my hair with a comb, indicating that the depression in my heart was relieved, and my worries and worries would pass.

Dreaming that the hairdresser combs his hair with a comb, it indicates that you will have nobles to help you to solve your troubles and problems.

Dreaming about combs losing their teeth, implying that your frustrations and troubles at work or career make you feel exhausted.

Dreaming of a broken comb usually signifies that you will encounter a sudden change and be separated from your sweetheart.

If you dream of giving the comb away, it usually means that you will part ways between the couple or your loved ones.

Dreaming that someone will send you a comb or a hairbrush, there will be a good collaborator, and troubles can be solved. Buying or picking up these things is also an auspicious dream.