The Meaning of Flag bearer in Dreams

Dreaming that you are a standard bearer means that you will be engaged in a variety of different careers that you like.

Dreaming of others is a standard bearer, indicating that you will marry and envy a friend.

Dreaming about the banner shows that there is good news.

Dreaming of a half-loaded flag fluttering, to suffer.

The prisoner dreams of the flag and will soon be released and regained his freedom.

Married women dream of the flag, indicating that the family relationship is in crisis and will be separated from her husband for a long time.

The girl dreams of the flag and predicts that she will marry a person with social influence.

Dreaming of the yellow flag suggests that the business is booming and the financial resources are wide.

Dreaming of the tricolor flag is a sign of sorrow and misfortune, and my loved ones will be unfortunate.

Dreaming of the half-moon flag, indicating the family harmony, help each other.

Dreaming of playing slogans, explaining that the relationship will be severed from old friends.

I dreamed of sending a flag to others, suggesting that I would become a slave, to save money in my life, and to live a life of poverty.

Dreaming of the flag on the battlefield, indicating that there will be a large disaster in the home (such as the collapse of a house, fire, etc.).

I dreamed of encircling the banner on my body, suggesting that I would die for the country.

Officials dream of the flag, indicating that the crime will be revealed, will be demoted or dismissed.

Dreaming of tearing up the flag, indicating that the family will be lost and the family will be broken.

I dreamed that strangers would send a banner to themselves, suggesting that they would be married to the villain and be framed by them.