The meaning and symbol of Elderberry in dream

The meaning of the elderberry dream, dreaming of elderberry has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming elderberry for you to organize below.

Elderberry is regarded as the habitat of the soul, because it has negative associations with witches and doom. In the Middle Ages, it was unlucky to burn elderberry or bring it into the house. But properly treated elderberry can have protective functions, like the Scotsman used to collect elderberry leaves before May 1 and hang it on the door to avoid doom and bad things. Elderberry branches can be made into wands and crutches (the old wand in Harry Potter is made of elderberry), and standing under the elderberry can protect from lightning.

Produced in the southwestern Zhejiang Province, the Qiang Mansion with a history of more than 1,500 years, there is a noble wine: the Qiang Luqu wine. According to the elders of the Qiang people, the Qiang people have lived in secluded mountains from ancient times. The simple method for this kind of problem is to continue the tribal secret for thousands of years, often drinking green yeast wine, and one of the precious and mysterious ingredients in this green yeast wine is said to be elderberry.

I dreamed that elderberry was generally a good sign.

I dreamed of a clump of leafy elderberry, which foreshadows family happiness and pleasant rural life.

Dreaming of elderberry means that you are an enthusiastic person. When you find that the friends around you need help and comfort, you will stand up and ask for nothing, so you are a popular person among friends. However, you ca n’t use this kind of unrequited spirit for love. In terms of emotion, you have a stubborn personality that is uncompromising, and easy to be jealous. The relationship is not very stable.