The meaning and symbol of Plant flowers in dream

Dreaming of planting flowers and good luck indicates that love will be sweet.

Unmarried men and women dream of planting flowers and will soon find the one they like.

Married men and women dream of planting flowers, which indicates a happy marriage.

The child dreamed of planting flowers, indicating that sesame flowers would bloom in the grades, which was higher and higher.

I dreamed of plum blossom heralding the arrival of a new life.

I dreamed of organizing potted plants, saying that I would get the benefit or favor of my friends.

I dreamed of planting flowers and good fortune, indicating that love would go well.

I dreamed of my love of planting flowers and potted plants. There will be new social opponents. Some of the survivors will propose remarriage. The elderly can make tea friends, and may be invited to banquets and receptions.